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The RVS Group, an RVS Group company, is one of the world’s leading providers of individual services for ensuring a secure and profitable customer relationship life cycle, from customer acquisition and payment processing to debt collection and debt purchase. Our core focus is receivables management. RVS stands for quality debt collection for the protection of creditors and consumers.

Telephone debt collection

When conducting direct talks with defaulting payers, our qualified employees endeavour to have each of your payments collected with empathy and reasoned arguments. We work with your customers to find individual solutions that do not jeopardise your relationship with them, thereby accelerating the resumption of payments.

Pre-litigation debt collection

With pre-litigation debt collection, you transfer your outstanding receivables to us for collection. We use the latest methods to ensure that your customer makes the necessary payments. Our objective is to resolve cases out of court in a cost-effective way.

On-site debt collection

Our field-service employees will visit defaulting payers to make personal contact with them and to convince them to make (or resume making) payments. Our objective is for your customer to pay the entire debt. If this is not possible,

Judicial debt collection and monitoring

If all debt collection steps have been unsuccessful, the receivable should be declared to protect it against statutory limitation. Depending on the legal situation in your country, RVS can undertake this for you or arrange for it to be carried out by a specialist law firm. Our experienced employees and contracted lawyers guarantee compliance with all statutory requirements and deadlines. Regular reporting keeps you in the loop.

International debt collection

No matter where in the world you maintain valuable customer relationships, RVS can handle your foreign receivables efficiently and with sensitivity. You discuss the order with your contact on site, who involves partners from our network if necessary. Our partners process cases using our state-of-the-art and comply with all standards regarding quality and data protection. Using personalised access details, RVS customers can track the progress of their cases in real-time and access selected reports online. Visit our RVS Global Collection website to learn more about the international debt collection services offered by RVS.

Debt collection by RVS – how you benefit:

  • Incoming payments are secured
  • More time for your core business
  • Customer relationship is maintained
  • Outstanding balances reduced
  • Creditworthiness improved

The RVS Group offers a debt collection service to suit your needs.


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